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Teresa M. Rodríguez Jiménez

Universidad de Guadalajara

Seminar: December 7, 2021

Teresa M. Rodríguez Jiménez has a Master's degree in science communication, and a master's degree in learning technologies from the University of Guadalajara and is a Chemist Pharmacobiologist from the University of Guadalajara and with a stay at the Center for Human and Social Sciences of the Superior Council.  


She is a Founding member, member of the Technical Council and in charge of the gender and talent committee of the Latin American Network of Educational Technology "RedLate" http://redlate.net/ member of the Openenergy Network of ITESM, founding member of the Artificial Intelligence Initiative Saturdays.ia https://saturdays.ai/ Guadalajara chapter, Secretary of the Mexican Association of Biomedical Journals AC http://www.amerbac.org.mx/,  founding member of the Mexican Network of Institutional Repositories REMERI www.remeri.org.mx ,, Coordinator of the Mexican chapter of the FP7-2011 Project “Necobelac” www.necobelac.eu